Geerpres® Becomes Official Partner with Scientific Air Management

Muskegon, MI, October 23, 2018: In the battle to make healthcare and hospital environments safer and cleaner, Geerpres® is partnering with Scientific Air Management (SAM) and their SAM 400 Portable Air Disinfection Device. The SAM 400 uses a patent-pending UV-C technology, laboratory verified under EPA guidelines bio-aerosol chamber conditions, to help kill pathogens and eliminate[…]tell me more

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Enterprise Cart with Tray and Space Station Open

Geerpres® Introduces New Enterprise® EVS Cart

Muskegon, MI, September 17, 2018: Geerpres® has a history of providing innovative cleaning products and supplies for healthcare, building service contractors, and EVS teams (Environmental Services). New to the Geerpres® lineup is the modular Enterprise® EVS cart, ideally designed for the healthcare industry and completely customizable to suit various cleaning protocols. The Enterprise® is at[…]tell me more

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