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Geerpres Linen Hamper photo

Geerpres® Introduces New Linen Hamper

Muskegon, MI, March 17, 2017: Geerpres® has a history of providing innovative cleaning products and supplies for healthcare, building service contractors, and EVS teams (Environmental Services). New to the lineup is the Geerpres® Linen Hamper. This hamper features an unbreakable lid, a virtually silent “soft” and hands-free close, and the durability Geerpres® is known for […]

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When To Use Reusable Or Disposable Microfiber

Original article written by Becky Mollenkamp and posted on CleanLink. “Microfiber is really good at grabbing things so you need a good washing process to release what’s been captured and disinfecting process to kill the bacteria,” Cooper says. “Using disposables means you won’t re-contaminate any other surfaces through the wash.” The decision to use disposables often […]

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Virtual Mgr on Geerpres Cart

Geerpres® Partners with Virtual Mgr (EVS Software Management)

Muskegon, MI, October 18, 2016: Geerpres® is an official partner with Virtual Mgr, an EVS (environmental services) software management program. Virtual Mgr provides real-time insight for impact on productivity and EVS outcomes. Geerpres® housekeeping carts can be fitted to hold tablets equipped with the software, linking employees and supervisors. The software also helps increase HCAHPS scores […]

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E-Key by Geerpres

Geerpres Introduces E-Key™ for Cabinet Locking Systems

Muskegon, MI, September 12, 2016: Geerpres offers a new choice for innovative housekeeping cart and cabinet locking systems. The new E-Key locking system is located on the front of the cart, eliminates lock/key breakage, minimizes replacement costs, and increases efficiency with a single-hand-push button locking. The E-Key is equipped with a unique embedded magnetic device […]

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Healthcare Products

Geerpres Introduces Project Trolley Cart

Muskegon, MI, July 27, 2016:  Geerpres has a history of providing innovative cleaning products and supplies for healthcare, building service contractors and EVS teams (Environmental Services). The Project Trolley is a recent addition in a line-up of metal housekeeping carts, equipped with 5” double-bearing all-swivel quiet casters and a new Geer-Key Locking system to eliminate […]

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