Our entire Advantex® product line is systematically designed for all healthcare/clinical, terminal, cleanroom, and food service applications.

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NEW Advantex® Single-use Microfiber Mop

The latest engineered microfiber technology offers many benefits for efficient cleaning. 100% synthetic microfiber helps eliminate cross-contamination and HAIs, locks and lifts bioburden, dirt and pathogens away. The Geerpres® Advantex® Mop is proven best-in-class with solution application, coverage and disinfectant compatibility. 18” Single-use #4832

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NEW Advantex® Single-use Microfiber Wipe

Achieve ideal surface disinfection with the newest Advantex® Wipe, constructed of 48 GSM hydroentangled, synthetic microfibers. Compatible with all disinfectant solutions, the wipes are durable and have tremendous absorbency and release.

SKUDescriptionSizePack QtyCase
Pack Qty
TTL Units/Case
4842D12Wipe; Non-Woven Microfiber Roll w/Dispenser10" x 12"7512900
48421012Wipe; Non-Woven Microfiber Roll Refill10" x 12"75201,500
484212Wipe; Non-Woven Microfiber Flat Pack12" x 12"150101,500

NEW GPS G8 Microfiber Applicator System

The GPS G8’s revolutionary, large-capacity system with removable dispensing bottle makes for an ideal bucketless system with greater floor coverage. Recharging the system is easy with a removable bottle designed to stack on your EVS cart with a large refill opening. The 57” handle, with dual outlets, dispenses to provide uniform application and ergonomic activation/flow control. The Advantex® Mop frame is designed with specialized mop adhesion, swivels 360° to reach tight spaces, apply uniform floor pressure, and restricts lint accumulation. This handle and frame system is engineered to perfectly integrate with the Advantex® Single-use Microfiber Mop. Best quality and value with the new, patent-pending G8 applicator system.

  • Complete system includes 16″ frame, 32 oz. bottle, and 57″ handle
  • Additional refill bottles available in 2-pack (#200022)

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Advantex® Single-use Wall Wash Foam Mop

For cleaning walls and ceilings, the Advantex® Wall Wash Foam Mops are designed with microfiber laminated foam, providing appropriate abrasion and absorbency. Compatible with most cleaning solutions. Available in three sizes, suited with multiple wall-wash handles offered by Geerpres®.

SKUDescriptionSizePack QtyCase
Pack Qty
TTL Units/Case
2686Mop; Foam w/Microfiber Outer Layer4.5" x 8.5"12020
2688Mop; Foam w/Microfiber Outer Layer4.5" x 13"12020
2687Mop; Foam w/Microfiber Outer Layer4.5" x 15.5"12020

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Iso-Clean SS Isolator Cleaning Tool and Single-use Isolator Pocket Mop

From a leader in wall-washing and cleanroom equipment, the Isolator Cleaning Tool is designed to effectively and easily clean isolation chambers. Matched with the Advantex® Isolator Pocket Mop, a disposable microfiber solution suited for all isolation disinfectant applications and removal of particulate.
SS Isolator Cleaning Tool #2647
Advantex® Single-use Isolator Pocket Mop #483238