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Geerpres® Becomes Official Partner with Scientific Air Management

Muskegon, MI, October 23, 2018: In the battle to make healthcare and hospital environments safer and cleaner, Geerpres® is partnering with Scientific Air Management (SAM) and their SAM 400 Portable Air Disinfection Device. The SAM 400 uses a patent-pending UV-C technology, laboratory verified under EPA guidelines bio-aerosol chamber conditions, to help kill pathogens and eliminate particulates and odor.

SAM 400 Benefits

  • EPA guideline certified whole room air disinfection in minutes, verified by Microchem Laboratory.
  • Helps reduce HAIs (Healthcare Acquired Infections) with UV Pathogen Killing Efficacy: 99.9995% of pathogens, eradicates particulate, mold and odor.
  • Quiet UV air scrubbing 24/7 – safe for patients and staff.

The SAM 400 eliminates 99.9995% of viruses and reduces bacterial and mold samples that were introduced into an 800-square-foot room, simulating real-world healthcare conditions. The device is hospital proven – nationally recognized public hospitals are currently using the unit including NYU Langone Medical Center, University of Rochester Medical Center, Baptist Health of Florida, and Federal VA Hospitals across the country.

SAM 400 Features

  • “High-Speed Fan Operation” performs complete air change within 8-20 minutes (in a typical room size of 1800 cubic feet).
  • Powerful and quiet brushless high-speed motor disinfects 400 cubic feet per minute of air volume (42 decibels at average operating speeds).
  • SAM HEPA® cartridge captures particulates down to 0.3 microns.
  • 360-degree total air intake system creates a quiet undetectable air induction vortex.
  • Creates zero airflow disturbance, no temperature or humidity variations, and no negative or positive air pressure interference.
  • Patented carbon and coir treated substrate for odor removal from disinfected air.
  • Premium hospital casters for effortless mobility on all surfaces with toe touch locking.

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