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Odyssey® SS Cart

Our best selling housekeeping cart is not only durable but easily customized for your unique work environment. Our Standard Tray option accommodates most large buckets, including two, half-round buckets with downpress wringer. The tray has non-slip tape to keep buckets stationary.


48″L x 25″W x 41-1⁄4″H
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  • Offers 6.7 cu. ft. of lockable storage space
  • Two swivel and two fixed, quiet casters for superior maneuverability
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Easy to sanitize and keep looking new
  • Provides antimicrobial protection
  • Trash lid isolates waste
  • Unmatched durability and lasting value
  • Heavy-duty, 30-gallon, double-zippered bag with supplemental pouch
  • Full-surround, heavy-duty bumper to protect walls and woodwork
  • 10-year warranty

Cart ship fully assembled in approximately 8 weeks.

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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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customize your cart:

Odyssey® Tray Length Options

Model #Tray NameDescription
3800Standard Fixed Tray
3805Flip-up TrayLonger Tray Flips Up for Tight Storage Areas
3808Microfiber TrayFixed Tray Designed for Flat Mop Buckets

Odyssey® Caster Options

Model #Caster NameDescription
2 Swivel / 2 Fixed2 Front Swivel, 2 Rear Fixed
4 Swivel / 2 FixedFlip-up Tray Option: 4 Front Swivel, 2 Rear Fixed

Odyssey® Bag Options

Model #Bag NameDescription
9669Standard Trash BagHeavy-duty, 30-Gallon, Double-zippered Bag
9668Dry Dock 2-Shelf StorageNylon with Plastic Tray Liners

Odyssey® Deluxe Options

Model #Option NameDescription
3890Space Station®Cart-top Locking Console
380037Glove Box HolderHolds Standard Size Glove Boxes, Powder-coated
380038Bottle HolderPowder-coated
380036Cart Tablet HolderCompatible with Both Mobile Devices and Tablets, Powder-coated

Additional information

Tray Options

Flip-up Tray, Microfiber Tray, Standard Fixed Tray

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