SAM 400® Portable Air Disinfection System


The SAM 400® is certified in EPA Guideline full size (10′ x 10’x 8′) testing chambers, rigorously examined, and conclusively proven to a 99.9995% kill rate of virus, bacteria, mold, removing odor, VOCs and particulates in under 30 minutes.

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The SAM 400® uses patent-pending UV-C technology, laboratory verified in EPA guideline test chambers to help kill pathogens, eliminate particulates, and remove mold and odor. The SAM 400® is hospital proven with nationally recognized hospitals such as NYU Medical Center, University of Rochester, and Federal VA Hospitals using the device in their Intensive Care Units, Operating Rooms, Patient Rooms, Compounding Pharmacies, Labs, Morgues, Food-Service, Waiting Areas, and more.


  • EPA guideline tested and certified whole room air disinfection in minutes
  • Helps reduce HAIs with UV-C pathogen killing 99.9995% efficacy rating
  • Verified elimination of virus, bacteria, mold, particulates, odor and VOCs

SAM 400® Features:

  • High-volume 400 CFM fan operation performs complete air change within 8-20 minutes in a typical room size of 10′ x 10′ x 8′ (800 cubic feet).
  • Powerful, yet quiet brushless high-speed motor disinfects 400 cubic feet per minute of air volume (42 decibels at average operating speeds).
  • High-capacity SAM HEPA® pre-filter cartridge reduces particulates down to 0.3 microns.
  • High-volume induction chamber for the full process of pathogen-laden air.
  • 360-degree total air intake system creates a quiet undetectable air induction vortex.
  • Quiet 24/7 air scrubbing – safe for patients and staff.
  • Patented carbon substrate for complete odor and VOC removal.
  • Creates zero airflow disturbance, no temperature or humidity variations, and no negative or positive air pressure interference.
  • Durable antimicrobial surface throughout.
  • Lightweight aluminum balanced security base for superb stability and safety.
  • Premium hospital wheel casters for effortless mobility on all surfaces with toe touch locking wheels.
  • 110-120 voltage standard outlet with the same power requirements as a typical residential ceiling fan.
  • Filter replacements available with simple and economical self-service.
  • 5-year limited warranty.

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