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Our UVairo units by Geerpres® provide an active layer of protection and confidence against airborne viruses to ensure people are safe indoors and in shared spaces such as a doctor’s office, school/daycare facility, restaurant, or manufacturing facility.

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UVairo units eliminate surrogate viruses faster than any other product tested of its kind.

These units were sent to Microchem Laboratory, a third party nationally known lab, for testing. As of August 18, 2020, the units were found to successfully reduce the virus particles in the air by 96.94% within 5 minutes and by 99.993% after just 30 minutes.

No other company in the United States is showing these success rates in such a short amount of time!

The science behind the magic

There is a special wavelength of ultraviolet (UV) light known as the germicidal range (254nm) that can deactivate viruses and bacteria. Air is drawn in, filtered, and passed through a high-intensity UV-C light chamber, removing harmful particulates.
The effectiveness is dependent on how long the air is exposed to UV-C, the wavelength the light is at, and how intense the light is. We use the preferred wavelength for killing microorganisms and use an intense bulb that allows us to deactivate the microorganisms in a short time.


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UVAiro or similar air systems do NOT require EPA registration.

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