Uvairo Air Sanitizers for Education

UVairo Air Sanitizer for Education image
UVairo Air Sanitizer for Education image
Sanitize Classroom Air in Schools & Universities

The UVairo UV-C Air Sanitizer provides a safer learning environment and KILLS airborne viruses. Safely sanitize school and commercial air environments with germicidal ultraviolet technology. The UVairo KILLS the entire pathogen spectrum while other low-cost air purifications or HEPA filters retain pathogens and create contamination risks.

As we pass into another year of the coronavirus outbreak, public schools and universities prepare and plan to operate safely. At the same time, many parents and educators continue to grapple with mask mandates. The federal government and states have provided billions of dollars in relief money, including the CARES Act and other relief grants, to help support educators and parents during this time.

As a condition of receiving funds, schools must use at least 20% of their stimulus money on learning loss initiatives. Specifically, air quality is noted as a targeted expenditure. Funding can be used for the following: Inspection, testing, maintenance, repair, replacement, and upgrades to improve indoor air quality in school facilities, including mechanical and non-mechanical heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, filtering, purification, and other air cleaning systems. 

UVairo Provides Comprehensive School System Disinfection

$4,243 – Average School System Federal Government COVID-19 Relief Grant Funding per Student
$225 – Average Capital Budget Requirement for UVairo Installation per Student

UVairo Starts Sanitizing in 5 Minutes

Why is the fastest processing time so important for educational environments?

Every time the door opens, contaminated pathogens enter the room.

In 5 minutes, UVairo achieves a 96.94% elimination of viruses, molds and pathogens harmful to students and education staff.