Professional Cleaning Solutions for over 80 Years

In the Beginning

The Geerpres® of today got its start during the Great Depression in 1935. Elmer Bard, who founded Geerpres®, wanted to solve the problem of how to more efficiently remove water from a mop. Using the laws of physics, Bard developed a staggered-tooth gearing arrangement that transmitted large amounts of force without slipping. That is how the downward-pressure wringer was born and perfected! Bard’s creation paved the way for Geerpres®… and almost every wringer manufacturer in the industry today uses downward-pressure wringers that employ Bard’s pioneering concept.

Our Reputation

Geerpres® has a history of providing innovative cleaning products and supplies. In business for over 80 years, the EVS carts, stainless steel wringers, and seamless buckets have been the industry standard in environmental services including hospitals, cleanroom/critical environment, food service, education and more. Stainless steel cleaning products offer superior antimicrobial properties required in the healthcare environment. The Geerpres® name is synonymous with quality, long-lasting metal cleaning products, and a company who believes in being a steward of our natural resources.

Product Evolution

Geerpres® has been known for manufacturing metal EVS carts, buckets and wringers. We still offer these time-tested products today, but we are continually expanding our product line to include a family of EVS carts and a custom cart program that can be tailored to specific facilities and needs. The Project Trolley was also added in 2016, a large platform (3 x 6′) with flip-up access ramps designed to hold a swing machine, floor dryer blower, wet/dry vacuum, bucket/wringer, floor cones, and much more.

New products also include patented,self-dispensing microfiber applicators and disposable mops and wipes that virtually eliminate cross-contamination concerns. Visit our store for more on mop handles, wall washing kits, microfiber flat mopping systems, linen hampers, and a variety of plastic professional cleaning tools and accessories. We strive to provide both ergonomic and efficient systematic cleaning solutions.

EVS Software Solutions

Geerpres® is an official partner with Virtual Mgr, an EVS software management program. Virtual Mgr provides real-time insight for impact on productivity and EVS outcomes. Geerpres® EVS carts can be fitted to hold tablets equipped with the software, linking employees and supervisors.

Moving Forward

In December 2013, Scott E. Ribbe, a local Michigan businessman, purchased Geerpres®. Under Scott’s leadership, Geerpres® has expanded the tradition of high-quality products and excellent customer service with a future built on product innovation and lean manufacturing systems.