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    Improve Productivity and EVS Outcomes

Virtual Mgr is an EVS (environmental services) software management program, providing real-time insight for impact on productivity and EVS outcomes.

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What can Virtual Mgr do for Your Company?

  • Helps increase HCAHPS scores and decrease HAIs
  • Increases employee productivity and accountability
  • Provides access to data and analytics
  • Manage workloads
  • Ensures best practice methods
  • Promotes a safer environment

Benefits of Virtual Mgr’s HealthClean Pro Software

  • Immediate two-way communication between supervisor and employee
  • Proof of quality tool, acknowledges extra efforts of employee
  • Online/critical information keeps employee empowered, better managed
  • Reduces the need for direct supervision
  • Assists supervisor productivity by reduction of paperwork, lost time
  • Improved reporting and documentation of incidents, delays or changes in assignments
  • Productivity and service quality improve concurrently
  • Customers report savings of 12% in labor productivity

Virtual Mgr and Geerpres® Carts

Paired with Geerpres® EVS carts, EVS managers and front-line employees now have the best physical and online tools to clean productively, safely and efficiently. Geerpres® EVS carts can be fitted to hold mobile devices and tablets equipped with the software, linking employees and supervisors. Mobile devices and tablets are compatible with both the Geer-Key® Locking Systems.