Advantex® Single-Use Microfiber Mops are the only choice that supports sustainability initiatives.

The Advantex® Single-use Mop has a significantly lower environmental impact than a reusable laundered mop in every category assessed in the EPA TRACI model. A contribution analysis on the global warming potential of the two indicates that the electrical power and chemistry needed to wash and dry the reusable mop dominates environmental adverse implications.

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Reduce your Environmental footprint with Advantex® Mops

The only single-use mop Constructed of 71% post-consumer recycled materials!

Advantex® Mops help support your sustainability initiatives.

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Save Electricity icon
90% Less Electricity

Repeat washing and drying process

Reduce Chemical Use icon
68% Less Chemical Use

Eliminates laundry chemicals and reduces chemicals used for daily cleaning

Less Fuel Use icon
57% Less Resources (Fuel)

Resources used and fuel
consumption when transporting

REDUCE Water Use icon
253 Less Gallons of Water

Natural resource consumption

Less Ozone Depletion icon
84% Less Ozone Depletion

Air pollution produced when transporting during laundering process (20x)

Less Microplastics icon
100% Less Microplastics

Plastic particles in the environment and water

Environmental Life-Cycle Analysis of Single-Use and Reusable Mops

Request full report by Richard Venditti, Elis and Signe Olsson Professor, Department of Forest Biomaterials, North Carolina State University, Room 1204 Pulp and Paper Labs, Raleigh, NC 27695-8005.
Request Report

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The Floor Could be the Weakest Link in Fighting HAIs

Pathogens are consistently introduced to the floor throughout the day by shoes, transport equipment such as wheelchairs and beds, treatment devices or computer carts, and non-slip patient socks that traverse the floors and frequently, directly into a bed. More...

Moving to Single-use Mops

Converting to disposable microfiber mops can significantly reduce the HAI risk for hospitals, eliminating the potential for inadequately launder mops to be reintroduced with remnant HAI pathogens. The case study evaluated our Advantex® (Brand A) along with several...

Laundered Mops vs. Single-Use Mops

Environmental Comparisons A recent study evaluated laundered microfiber mops from eleven hospitals and found that 27.3% of the newly laundered mops contained microbial contamination, including HAI pathogens. Download PDF Key Findings Laundry considerations: The...