School Cleaning Challenges: SOLVED

Maintaining a clean school is challenging but essential. A knowledgeable and efficient custodial team can keep students and teachers safe from harmful bacteria that build up on surfaces and prevent accidents that may occur from neglecting spills. We have collaborated with education facility teams to develop and improve cleaning products that improve cleaning results and efficiency.

Floor Maintenance

Hallway floors can be seen by hundreds of students throughout the day, so keeping tiles clean can be difficult. Understanding the school challenges helped us develop cleaning products that improve cleaning results and efficiency.

Detail shot of G8 mop handle, tank, and trigger

Advantex G8 Microfiber Applicator System

No more buckets with our revolutionary, large-capacity removable tank that makes refilling easy.

CAT G7 – Backpack Fluid Applicator

Never throw away a clogged finish applicator again with our CAT G7 Clean-out Fitting Tool! Use with Advantex® Single-Use Microfiber Mop #4831.

Advantex Mop Recycle Icon

Advantex® Single-Use Microfiber Mop

Exclusively offered by Geerpres® – Microfiber locks and lifts bioburden, dirt and contaminants away for efficient and effective cleaning.

Advantex Floor Dusters


Designed to attract and hold dust and debris with the microfiber mop and looped fringe.


School bathrooms are often littered with wadded-up paper towels, torn toilet paper, and puddles of water. Depending on the age of your school students, restrooms can frequently take longer to clean than expected. It is critical to be efficient with cleaning between periods to avoid temporarily closing the restrooms during high traffic.

Loo-Mop Hand web

Advantex Sustainable Disposable Loo-Mop

Exclusively offered by Geerpres®. Improve cleaning cart cleanliness, eliminating toilet brush buckets, drips and spills.

Advantex Mop Recycle Icon

Advantex® Disposable Microfiber Mop

Microfiber locks and lifts bioburden, dirt and contaminants away for efficient and effective cleaning. 18″ mop covers up to 250 sq. ft. per mop. Reduce cross-containation and be more efficient by using less mops.

Trash Management

Trash collection is a high priority because high-traffic establishments generate large amounts of trash. Leaking trash liners creates a mess in the trash receptacles and the floor while transferring or transporting waste. These spills cause unsafe floors, emit odors, and reflect poorly on the facility.

Geerpress Advantex Spill Hero application image
Geerpres Advantex Spill Hero feature web image

Advantex® Spill Hero™

It is ideal for placement in waste receptacles or any collection container to absorb leaking and pooling liquids.


Advantex Spill Mop

Designed to absorb spills quickly using a flat mop handle without the mess of a bucket and wringer. Absorbs up to 32 oz. (large bubble tea or coffee size)

Surface Cleaning

Surfaces that experience high volumes of touch-and-go traffic include desks, cafeteria trays, cafeteria tables, chairs, door handles, faucets, drinking fountains, and more. Germs can spread quickly and cause sickness; therefore, it’s essential to disinfect these surfaces properly and frequently.

ADVANTEX® 1/4 Fold Single-use Non-Woven Microfiber Wipes

Compatible with all disinfectant solutions, the wipes are durable and have tremendous absorbency and release in a single-use option.

48004G ADV duster Kit web image

ADVANTEX Microfiber Hand Duster

The professional-grade microfiber grabs hold of bacteria, and dust. The robust duster head is very dense but easily fits in small spaces, and the extendable handle helps reach higher areas.

48004G ADV duster Kit web image

Advantex® High Duster Tool Kit

The Advantex® High Duster Tool kit includes telescoping aluminum handle and flexible high duster frame with quick connect. Handle easily extends from 42″ to 70″.