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Geerpres® Introduces New Cling-On Flat Mop Frame

Muskegon, MI Geerpres®, Inc., manufacturers of cleaning equipment for the sanitary supply, foodservice, healthcare and cleanroom industries, has developed a brand new patent-pending flat mop frame that will cling to molded spikes with no Velcro® required.

The Cling-On™ is a one-piece mop frame constructed out of sturdy plastic. The frameis 16″, ideal for 16″ or 18″ mops. The unique patterned cut out frame prevents solution from “puddling” on the frame and allows easy flow-through to the mop.

“The big news about the Cling-On™ is that it takes replacement costs out of the equation,” said Sam Waites, VP Sales and Marketing. “There is no Velcro®, which means you don’t have to worry about replacing clogged Velcro® strips that have lost their adherence ability or replacing the entire frame after a short period of time. This will represent a big cost and time savings for our customers.”

The Cling-On™ Flat Mop Frame is also appropriate for use in cleanroom environments.

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