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Geerpres Launches Custom Housekeeping Cart Program

Muskegon, MI. Geerpres®, Inc., manufacturers of cleaning equipment for the sanitary supply, foodservice, healthcare and cleanroom industries, has launched a new Custom Housekeeping Cart program tied to its newly designed Shuttle Series™ Carts.

Geerpres®’s custom housekeeping cart options are perfect for branding and identification needs

The Custom Housekeeping Cart program allows customers to uniquely tailor the design and feature content of a housekeeping cart according to facility cleaning protocol. With this program, Geerpres® is partnering with customers to provide the most effective hardware solutions to maximize labor efficiency. Custom content is considered anything not offered on existing carts as an option or standard component part. Customization also provides customers the opportunity to specify color and to add their own facility logos or messaging.

Geerpres® still offers its industry-leading 10-year warranty on custom housekeeping carts.

“The management teams and staff at the locations we are working with appreciate the fact that they can modify the cart to accommodate the facility’s specific needs for how they actually use the cart,” said Sam Waites, VP of Sales and Marketing. “Geerpres® is excited about the opportunity to use our specialized engineering capabilities to better serve our customers, continuing our tradition of customer-focused solutions.”

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