Muskegon, MI…Geerpres®, Inc., manufacturers of cleaning equipment for the sanitary supply, foodservice, healthcare, and cleanroom industries, introduced several new products at ISSA 2014, held recently in Orlando, Florida.

The products that received the most attention were the new Cling-On Microfiber Mop Frame and the Space Station™ Acrylic Cart-Top Locking Console. The patent-pending one-piece Cling-On Mop Frame grabs and secures any microfiber mop. The Cling-On does not require Velcro® strips as the “teeth” are built into the head. Therefore, there is no reason to replace clogged Velcro® strips. The Space Station™ Locking Console attaches to the top of either the Alpha or the Galaxy Shuttle Series™ Housekeeping Carts and allows for easy secure storage of the most commonly used cleaning items and “visible organization” of products to assure that the cart is correctly stocked and organized.

Geerpres® also introduced the new “Shuttle Series™” line of metal housekeeping carts. All of the carts feature rounded corners, smooth lines, a new lock location that prevents key breakage, and the ability to custom color and private label.

“This was a really exciting show for us,” said Sam Waites VP of Sales and Marketing. “Our new products, our new trade show display, and our new Get Geared up with Geerpres® theme gave us a lot to talk about this year. We expect the momentum from the show to carry us well into 2015.”