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New GEER-Key Front Locking System For Housekeeping Cart Locks

Geerpres® Introduces Geer-Key™ Front Locking System

Muskegon, MI Geerpres®, Inc., manufacturers of cleaning equipment for the sanitary supply, foodservice, healthcare and cleanroom industries, has developed the new Geer-Key™ Front Locking System to help elongate the life of housekeeping carts and housekeeping cart locks.

The industry standard has been for locking systems to be on the sides of housekeeping carts. In tight spaces or in a heavily trafficked area, it can be easy for the key and/or New GEER-Key Front Locking System for Housekeeping Carts the lock to get broken or completely knocked off the side of the cart. The Geer-Key™ Front Locking System, per the name, moves the key and lock to the front of the cart, thus reducing breakage, minimizing replacement costs and improving efficiency with a push-button lock.

“The Geer-Key™ System is another innovation we are introducing with our redesigned ‘Shuttle Series’ Metal Housekeeping Carts,” said Sam Waites, VP Sales and Marketing. “More than just a redesign, we wanted to make improvements that would make our carts unique in the industry. This innovative approach to the placement of the lock is a simple design change that will create very positive and long-standing benefits for our customers.”

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