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New Locking Housekeeping Cart Console With Acrylic Cart-Top

Geerpres® Introduces Space Station™ Acrylic Cart-Top Locking Console

Muskegon, MI…Geerpres®, Inc., manufacturers of cleaning equipment for the sanitary supply, foodservice, healthcare and cleanroom industries, has developed a revolutionary locking housekeeping cart console for a variety of its housekeeping carts that is designed to increase effectiveness and safety. new locking housekeeping cart console

The Geerpres® Space Station™ offers 2.4 cu. ft. of interior storage space and allows for chemicals to be left on top of the cart and locked securely when the cart is unattended. Unlike traditional housekeeping carts, which store chemicals in hidden locked cabinets, the clear, acrylic design of the Space Station™ allows for visible organization of all chemicals, so they are readily available while also secured for safety reasons. This not only allows for more efficiency but it also assists in assuring that all carts are fully stocked.

“When we set out to redesign our line of metal housekeeping carts, we did not want the changes to just be for aesthetics,” said Sam Waites, VP of Sales and Marketing. “We wanted our “Shuttle Series” to truly deliver innovation that would help our customers address every-day problems. We feel the Space Station™ does all of that and more.”

Space Station™ fits on top of Geerpres Odyssey™, Galaxy™, and Omega™ housekeeping cart models.

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