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New Ownership of Geerpres

Geerpres®, a West Michigan company, is pleased to announce the successful sale of the company to a local owner.

Established in 1935, the Company has a rich history within the cleaning industry beginning at the height of the Great Depression, when the Company introduced and perfected its hallmark product, the downpress metal wringer. Today, Geerpres® manufactures a variety of products in stainless steel, cold rolled steel, plastic and microfiber applicators including: mop wringers, buckets, housekeeping carts, mop handles, wall washing kits, etc. The Company operates from a wholly owned, 85,000 square foot facility in Muskegon, MI.

The new local owner is Scott Ribbe. Scott is a highly experienced and regarded professional within the manufacturing, distribution and supply chain space. Prior to purchasing the business, Scott held senior positions at several fortune 500 companies.

New leadership brings innovative and fresh ideas. Geerpres® will continue offering the highest quality products, world class customer service with focus on new product development designed to meet customer needs and deliver value. To receive an update on the complete Geerpres® product line, contact us at 800.253.0373 or