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Geerpres® Partners with Virtual Mgr (EVS Software Management)

Cart Fitted for Virtual ManagerMuskegon, MI, October 18, 2016: Geerpres® is an official partner with Virtual Mgr, an EVS (environmental services) software management program. Virtual Mgr provides real-time insight for impact on productivity and EVS outcomes. Geerpres® housekeeping carts can be fitted to hold tablets equipped with the software, linking employees and supervisors.

The software also helps increase HCAHPS scores and decrease HAI’s. The tool increases employee productivity and accountability, provides access to data and analytics, manages workloads, ensures best practice methods and promotes a safer environment. Paired with Geerpres® housekeeping carts, EVS managers and front-line employees now have the best physical and online tools to clean productively, safely and efficiently.

The Benefits of Virtual Mgr’s HealthClean Pro Software

  • Immediate two-way communication between supervisor and employee
  • Proof of quality tool, acknowledges extra efforts of employee
  • Online/critical information keeps employee empowered, better managed
  • Reduces the need for direct supervision
  • Assists supervisor productivity by reduction of paperwork, lost time
  • Improved reporting and documentation of incidents, delays or changes in assignments
  • Productivity and service quality improve concurrently
  • Customers report savings of 12% in just labor productivity

Geerpres® carts include the large Project Trolley, Shuttle Series Stainless Steel, Odyssey SS Carts, and Genesis SS Carts. Each cart has a Virtual Mgr accessory option, connecting the tablet to the tray surface for easy access. The tablet is locked and easily removed using the Geerpres® E-KeyTM. Their stainless-steel wringers, seamless buckets, and housekeeping carts have been the industry standard in healthcare facilities including hospitals, clean room, food service, education and more. Stainless-steel cleaning products offer superior antimicrobial properties required in the healthcare environment. For a complete product line-up visit the website at ###

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