Advantex® Single-Use Microfiber Mop


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Exclusively offered by Geerpres® – Microfiber locks and lifts bioburden, dirt and contaminants away for efficient and effective cleaning.

A recent study proved converting to disposable microfiber mop heads from laundered mop heads can significantly reduce the HAI risk for hospitals. It further showed our Advantex® Mop to outperform other single-use microfiber mops in several standards of effectiveness.

Available in 3 sizes:

  • #4831 – 18″ – Compatible with Advantex Frame #4713
  • #4833 – 36″ – Compatible with Aluminum Frame #480236
  • #4834 – 48″ – Compatible with Aluminum Frame #480248

Patent #11045063
Standard Lead Time: 3 Business Days

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Exclusively offered by Geerpres® – The Advantex® Single-Use Microfiber Mop offers the benefits of microfiber cleaning with efficiency and environmental safety. Available in three sizes.

Lock-in and remove bio-burden while it helps eliminate risks of cross-contamination.

Designed for daily floor cleaning, the Advantex® Single-Use Microfiber Mop has been tested and proven best-in-class for non-quat binding, disinfection application, solution delivery, and reducing chemical utilization and waste.

Construction Features

  • Synthetic construction is compatible with all disinfectants, including quats, chlorine and peroxides
  • Non-linting, USP 797 compliant
  • Patent #11045063

Performance Features for the 18″ Mop

  • Superior option to eliminate cross-contamination risks for critical area cleaning
  • 18″ mop covers up to 250 sq. ft. per mop
  • Best-in-class solution volume delivery with the least waste of any similar product (supporting data available upon request)
  • Microfiber performance with effective, consistent bio-burden removal (3-4 log)
  • Efficient cleaning impact in comparison to laundered mops


Solution Sorbent Capacity2001 ml/m2 < 1 sec.
Adsorption Capacity>800%
Solution Release94%
Disinfectant CompatibilityAll, Beyond 8 Hours
Coverage AreaUp to 250 sq. ft.

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