Advantex® Single-Use Microfiber Mop

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Exclusively offered by Geerpres® – Microfiber locks and lifts bioburden, dirt and contaminants away for efficient and effective cleaning.

A recent study proved converting to disposable microfiber mop heads from laundered mop heads can significantly reduce the HAI risk for hospitals. It further showed our Advantex® Mop to outperform other single-use microfiber mops in several standards of effectiveness.

Available in 3 sizes:

  • #4831 – 18″ – Compatible with Advantex Frame #4713
  • #4833 – 36″ – Compatible with Aluminum Frame #480236
  • #4834 – 48″ – Compatible with Aluminum Frame #480248

Patent #11045063
Standard Lead Time: 3 Business Days

See Single-use Mop Case Study

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Exclusively offered by Geerpres® – The Advantex® Single-Use Microfiber Mop offers the benefits of microfiber cleaning with efficiency and environmental safety. Available in three sizes.

Lock-in and remove bio-burden while it helps eliminate risks of cross-contamination.

Designed for daily floor cleaning, the Advantex® Single-Use Microfiber Mop has been tested and proven best-in-class for non-quat binding, disinfection application, solution delivery, and reducing chemical utilization and waste.

Construction Features

  • Synthetic construction is compatible with all disinfectants, including quats, chlorine and peroxides
  • Non-linting, USP 797 compliant
  • Patent #11045063

Performance Features for the 18″ Mop

  • Superior option to eliminate cross-contamination risks for critical area cleaning
  • 18″ mop covers up to 250 sq. ft. per mop
  • Best-in-class solution volume delivery with the least waste of any similar product (supporting data available upon request)
  • Microfiber performance with effective, consistent bio-burden removal (3-4 log)
  • Efficient cleaning impact in comparison to laundered mops


Solution Sorbent Capacity2001 ml/m2 < 1 sec.
Adsorption Capacity>800%
Solution Release94%
Disinfectant CompatibilityAll, Beyond 8 Hours
Coverage AreaUp to 250 sq. ft.

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2 reviews for Advantex® Single-Use Microfiber Mop

  1. Blanca Torres

    The disposable microfiber mop is really good quality. They feel very sturdy and in my opinion, work as good as cotton ones. The fact that they are disposable is my favorite part.

  2. Rigo Rascon

    What I really like about the disposable towels and flat mop is its effectiveness in preventing the spread of bacteria, germs, and pathogens compared to laundered mops.

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