Advantex Sustainable Single-Use Loo-Mop (200 per case)


Advantex Loo-Mop Features and Benefits:

  • Sustainable toilet brush with bamboo handle versus waste associated with plastic toilet brushes
  • Comprised of 100% biodegradable materials
  • Improve EVS cart cleanliness, eliminating toilet brush buckets, drips and spills
  • Multi-layered, 4″ diameter pads with durable fibers
  • Avoid the risk of disposable pads clogging toilets and drains
  • 14″ long overall and 1.5 oz. each with a slightly curved handle to reach crevices
  • Durable for multi-use through a single-use design to reduce cross-contamination risks

Patent Pending
Sold 200 per case
Standard Lead Time: 3 Days
UPC #027798009251

Sustainability Matters: Bamboo Facts

  • Rapidly Renewable Resource: Bamboo regrows and replaces itself quickly, reducing the demand for fast-depleting materials like lumber.
  • Biodegradable: Bamboo is biodegradable and 100% compostable
    within 2–6 months.
  • Pest-Resistant: Bamboo is easy to grow and extremely tough, meaning
    it can be grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers that can cause
    harm to the soil and water supply.
  • Saves Water: Growing bamboo requires no irrigation, which saves water.
  • Produces Oxygen: Bamboo produces more oxygen than equivalent trees. It’s also carbon-neutral, helping offset the effects of climate change.