Enterprise® Powder-coated EVS Cart

EVS Modular Cart Solution

The Enterprise® Cart is at the heart of a comprehensive approach to advanced cleaning solutions.

Pair it with Advantex microfiber products and the leading EVS software management program for best-in-class outcomes.

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Your Choices. Your Cart.

Enterprise® Cart Standard Features:

  • Available in durable epoxy powder-coated finish
    • Lifetime warranty on all EVS cart models
  • 6.2 cubic feet of lockable cabinet storage space with two adjustable interior shelves
  • Non-marking bumpers
  • 5" quiet casters - 2 fixed rear and 2-4 front swivel
  • Unbreakable Geer-Key locking system
  • Magnetically secured door to assure remains closed in transit
  • 25-gallon waste bag with C-zipper and multiple pockets
  • Multiple Gripit bars, with three tool/handle holders and three hook holders
  • Repositioning handle adapts for varying configurations
  • Compatible with Advantex single-use products (disposable wipes, mops, and more)
  • Advantex Flat Mop Charging Bucket
  • Cabinet mount double sign holder
  • Powder-coated glove box holder
  • Powder-coated trash lid

Enterprise® Cart Options:

  • Three front tray options for various mop and bucket configurations: 6" standard base, 12" or 18" flip-up trays with secure locking for reduced storage space
  • Space Station Cart-top Console with a see-through window and lockable storage
  • Dry Dock two-shelf storage bag (5 cubic feet of storage)
  • Microfiber bag

Enterprise® Optional Accessories:

  • Additional sign holder(s)
  • Virtual Manager software tablet holder (improve EVS outcomes and productivity)
  • Custom logo branding

Standard Cart Dimensions:

39.25"H x 24.5"W x 37.25"L