AHE COVID-19 EVS Training Toolkit

The Association for the Health Care Environment (AHE) recently released the COVID-19 EVS Cleaning Essentials Refresher Training Toolkit to help front-line EVS staff combat SARS-CoV-2. If you are a member of AHE, please click on the button below to view information on the following topics. Training topics include: The Chain of Infection, including Mode of[…]tell me more

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Microscopic Microfiber

Microscopic Analysis of Laundered Microfiber Mops & a Single-Use Microfiber Mop – Laboratory Report 105-S

EXECUTIVE OVERVIEW: Eight laundered microfiber flat mops and one single-use microfiber flat mop were photographed at 20X’s, 40X’s using a 3D stereo microscope and 1,000X’s using a Scanning Electronic Microscope, SEM. The laundered mops demonstrated significant contamination and microfiber degradation. In some instances, the microfiber in no longer effective since it is shown to be[…]tell me more

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Mop on Floor

Cleaning & Maintenance Management Validates Current Geerpres® Research – Advantex Single-Use Mops

Geerpres® researchers, Jack McGurk and Dave Harry, contribute their Adventex® Single-use mop findings in the recent CMM article Single-Use Microfiber Mops Usher In Third Wave of Change in Floor Care . Thomas W. Stewart sparked the first wave of change in floor cleaning when he patented the string mop in 1893. His invention allowed floor[…]tell me more

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ADVANTEX® Validated Microfiber

Geerpres® had its fiber tested by TÜV Rheinland®, one of the world’s leading material testing and inspection organizations, to independently confirm our microfiber denier. Test Report #244158712a 002 | Sample Receiving Date: 07-16-2019 | Testing Period: 07-16-2019 to 07-23-2019 Summary At Geerpres®, our entire Advantex® single-use microfiber product line is systematically designed for all healthcare/clinical,[…]tell me more

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